Episode 003: Jesus People I Want Nothing to do With featuring Kat McLeod

Jeff sits down with Kat MacLeod to learn more about her inspiring story and talk about the nature of the sex trade

Episode 002: New and Exciting Chickens with Shane Claiborne

Episode 002: New and Exciting Chickens with Shane Claiborne

Jeff talks to Shane Claiborne about the Death Penalty, Social Media, and why Millennials are leaving the Church

What's Is It?

What Will This Podcast Be About?

In short, it's about discipleship. We are really curious about people's faith journey and
how they were mentored, and how they are now making disciples, in addition to how you
can take your passion and turn it into ministry (without killing the passion). Most of all,
though, it will be a conversation. There are enough question/answer based shows and
interviews out there, we really want to showcase how God can move and use you in the
everyday no matter who you are. Our goal is to have Christians of high and low public
profile on to show the listener that all you need to do to start a ministry is do it. Our
opening lineup includes Shane Claibourne, Michael Bonikowksy (a poet published in
numerous EFC Magazines), and Brady Shearer from ProChurchTools.com (to appear
sometime after episode 10). We are also featuring lesser known but arguably equally
impactful figures like Conor Sweetman, editor of Ekstasis Magazine, and Tyler Smith,
Host of a moderately popular Christian MoviePodcast called MoreThan One
Lesson. Each person started with the same thing: a passion and a want to serve Jesus
through it. That is the heart of the show! Turning passion into ministry through everyday
Podcasts have the power to move and change people; to inspire and empower their
listeners to act in similar fashions to the hosts and guests. We have the ability to make
real change in this world and a chance to digitally disciple those who may otherwise
not have that positive gospel example in their lives.