No Safety Net

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the analogy of whether or not Aslan is a safe lion before. If I haven't, I'm doing so now! And many others have done it before me. In Narnia, Aslan is not considered to be a safe lion. He's enormous, he can eat you in one bite, but he is considered a good lion. God is the same way in a lot of respects. He could consume us whole or cause the universe to top existing at the whim of his will, but we know he is a good God and wouldn't do that. He is definitely not safe, though. He will take you out of your comfort zone into danger and all for the glory of his name. He will rescue you from countless dangers but one day we are called to his side and we no not when that is. Jesus pretty much promises that our lives will get crazy difficult once we follow him, but that his load is lighter and freer than the one we let the world put on us. And he's right! Life with Jesus is never the same, it's always an adventure if you let the spirit guide you. Even normal everyday activities can turn into ordeals (in the good sense of the word) as it can take something as mundane as riding the bus can turn into an epic conversation about God if you are brave enough to share your heart with kindness and gentleness. Jesus says this in Matthew 16:25:

 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

When we are convicted by the truth of the gospel one of two things can happen. We can allow the gospel to forever change us and cause us to leave our old ways of living behind, or we can fight the gospel and try to hold on to our old way of living tricking ourselves into thinking we've changed. If you want to save your life, the real life, the one you now see through the eyes of Jesus you need to lose your old life. If you try and save your old life then you throw away the potential of the new one. It seems like an easy choice from the outside, but more often than not we go into self preservation mode; the problem being the self we are trying to preserve. There is no longer a me, just the me I am in Christ.

Digital Disciple